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Our Values

The belief of the Ethan School District 17-1 is that the best possible education is the right and privilege of every student. The responsibility of the school is to educate students within the context of community values. The curriculum should be dynamic and progressive in order to meet the changing needs of both the individual and the entire student body.


Our Community

Ethan is a small community just 10 miles south of Mitchell, South Dakota that is over 125 years old. The small town atmosphere is the best to raise children with the high end education. It’s a great community for friends and family to come together.

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Openings School Year 2024-2025

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I was hired in the summer of 2015. When I accepted the 2nd grade position, it was only supposed to be a one year position. During my first school year, it did not take long before I fell in love with teaching in this school district. Fortunately, for me, I was able to stay. I am currently in my eighth year of teaching in Ethan, and I feel beyond blessed to work here. I attended a small school all, and I knew I would be happiest teaching in a smaller district. I was right. Because PK-12th grade students are in the same building, I have had the opportunity to watch my previous students grow up, and I love that I still get to interact with them even after they leave 2nd grade. Ethan feels like home, and the students I get to work with are truly amazing!


I have found a deep sense of purpose in my work and am motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact on my students' lives.  As a teacher, I feel I am provided with resources and support to help me encourage my students to strive.  Most importantly, I enjoy being a part of a strong community of educators, students, and families.  This creates a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and a sense of belonging!  Thank you, Ethan School District!  This is not only a job for me, my career here is a PART OF MY LIFE!!!!!   


Working in a place that shares the same value of hard work and excellence is truly a treasure. Being in a place that understands the value of a good worker, both by administration and a school board can be a rare find, and that's why I chose to come back. Even though I was fortunate enough to call this place home as a student, I feel even more grateful to call this place home as a professional. 

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